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Lite Feet is a type of breakdance/street dance which originated in Harlem, New York. It is akin to other styles and combines variations of Popping, C-walk, traditional breakdancing the Chicken Noodle Soup Dance and the Harlem shake. The dance has become particularly popular since 2006. Dancers of performing are often said to be "gettin lite".
Like many of the street dances originating in New York City, Lite Feet is a form of Creative Dance Moves, which was started in the Bronx, New York.


Lite feet is most often performed on the street and they are often performed in dance off scenarios. They mostly dance in a circle full of people. It
also involves integrating articles of clothing into the dance, namely, a t-Shirt, sweat pants, shoes (mainly addidas) and/or hat. There are many
dancers that have been called "legends" because of their wins in Lite Feet battling or for being there when it started such as Mr Youtube, Zebb Live, Dot Lite,Na Boogz, Lockstar, C-Eazy, Sonic,Dill Star, Ducksauce, Chrybaby, Peanut, Mr. Jones, Kid Pat, Kid Da Wiz, Kay Slic, Larry Smoove, Tweek Baby,40 Cal, etc. These Top Legends of the Lite Feet World
these litefeeters create teams. the teams are Brotherhood (BH),Breakfast Club (BC), Team Demon (TD), 2 Live Krew (2LK),2 Real Boyz (2RB), Urban Legendz (UL), Real Exclusive (R.E),Transformers (TF), LITE FEET BROTHERS (L.F.B.) and Team Rocket (TR). There are also other new teams that are being formed such as The Avatars, M.I.B., Team Casper,Team Flight from Long Island, League of spank (L.O.S),DC Universe (DC Universe) and Public Enemies. There are many different elements

One of the reasons why the Get Lite dance or lite feet is all the rage is there are no strict rules. The basic steps are outlined below, but you should feel free to improvise. In the end, the dance is all about expressing yourself the way you want to.
Step 1
Start by moving your feet. You can try a criss-cross motion or slide around. Just try to make the moves quickly.
Step 2
Jumping is usually a part of the dance routine too. You jump over hats, shirts jackets, shoes etc.
Step 3

Also part of the dance is the so-called 5 Gs. There are many variations, but in most Get Lite dances, you have to spin around and your body must touch the floor. When doing the 5 Gs, you should keep the legs as low as possible.
Again, there are no hard and fast rules, so you can make up the moves as you go along. It’s not that difficult; once you get the rhythm going, you’ll be able to flow with the music. This is no different from musicians who improvise while performing.
Incorporate Other Dances
You can add elements of the chicken noodle dance, the Harlem shake or the tone whop too. You’ll see people who do this dance include these elements. If there are other routines you want to add to your Get Lite dance moves, do it.

Tips and Suggestions

Don’t worry if you can’t come up with anything spectacular. You’ll see people dancing in outrageous and silly ways. You can do the same; don’t be embarrassed.
You should also watch some YouTube videos. You will see dance tutorials, variations, step by step instructions and other tips. It is okay to build upon those dance steps you see, but you should make your own moves too.
Practice and Enjoy
Energy is necessary; when you’re pumped up there’s no limit to the amount of moves you can do. As long as the adrenaline is there, you’ll have no problems dancing around. Practicing your moves is also a good idea. When you invent a particularly nice move, keep practicing so you can show it off to your friends or upload it on the Web.
Warning: you don’t have to jump at a Get Lite dance. If your balance isn’t good, don’t try it, you could get hurt.
Getting Ready to Dance
The set up is pretty simple; a crowd of people form a circle and start clapping with a beat. In some cases lite music is used. Now you just stand in the middle and start dancing. How you appear isn’t important; as long as your moves are in tune with the beat, you’re doing okay.
Freestyle means anything goes, which is still the most popular version of the dance. Another version is similar to Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk, except it’s the whole body, not just the feet moving.
Anyone can learn how to do the Get Lite dance. All it takes is quick feet and lots of energy. If you got those, you’re good to go.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


A dance that resembles someone running in place or a group of dances made popular by the youth of Harlem and the Bronx that include The Chicken Noodle Soup, The Tone Whop or Toe Wop, The Aunt Jackie. Although the Harlem Shake was its own dance, it has been added to the group. These dances were made popular by songs made by AG The Voice Of Harlem, DJ Webstar and Young B. It is said The Chicken Noodle Soup was invented by Jason Fox who made the song Aunt Jackie. The Tone Whop was invented by a dancer of the same name. Many songs are not official major label releases but DJ remixes made popular in youth clubs such as Lite Feet by DJ A Million and the original Chicken Noodle Soup by Jason Fox.
The Chicken Noodle Soup, The Tone Whop or Toe Wop, The Aunt Jackie, The Harlem Shake. 

A dance that originated in Harlem,NY. And Brooklyn N.y. Created in 2006 Lite Feet in other terms"Getting Lite" is a mixture of many dances including the Harlem shake, toe wop. Now-a days many of the kids add there own unique styles to there dancing and many groups evolved from the dance getting lite. Such as the 2rb, brotherhood and many more Kids that get lite add many shoe tricks and some even do hat tricks. Also a new hype called tutting. New dancers stopped dancing and became songwriters such as Tye trillion,Lil sns,Hectic boy and many more.